Orwell’s 1984

Nineteen Eighty Four, 1984, Surveillance

George Orwell that the Nobel Laureate is known for his books like’Animal Farm’ and 1984. Many of the books of Orwell are dissolving the sugar and spice of Communist Regimes. His writing has contradicted us together with the creativity a Greek idol is a fish gone rancid.

The protagonist of the Novel is Winston is a bored lethargic personality. His life, his inner consciousness, he exhibits frustration with the Communist regime. The nation portrayed in the Novel is a hidden allegory portraying the deceased USSR.
Orwell creates a satire of the entertainment business. The business propagandizes State Ideals. It reveals democratic ideals are decadent and defunct. The business is a thorough brain washing of personal likes and changes people’s attitudes and consumerism into propaganda. .

There is no liberty to throw opinions. Communism is a monster that jeopardizes freedom.

The protagonist Winston is depicted as servant who’s trapped at the fangs of communism and wanting to break free. Government offices are agencies of a monster attempting to desecrate life.

All theses slogans point out a mental narcissism, a mirror stage of Lacan, a continuation of a Private-is-a -Public -business and reduces human to a morass of mental poverty. The people of the country are regimented automatons.

The stores are owned by the government and many a time they’re not able to provide things needed by the general public.
There is no freedom to think and research ideas. Out of two taxpayers one is a spy and belongs to the secret police. It is an irony that there is no family relationship and in a family the wife or the husband could betray you.

Winston is a creative intellectual trapped in the gulag of Communism and he expresses his liberty writing journals.

The publication describes the purges carried out by Stalin.

The Communist Party uses subversive tactics to demoralize and dethrone the earlier regimes and attempts to promote Communism as a God. The wretch of ideology plays with information and seduces people into myopia of getting.

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