Removing Ejection Seats from the F-22

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In years gone by the US Navy and Air Force explained that the cost to train a pilot is quite costly and human pilots are the main part of the aircraft. With a price like that you can make certain the taxpayer doesn’t need a pilot to eject unless it is’absolutely necessary’ and the aircraft can’t be landed without complete destruction. If there’s a possibility, even a slim possibility that the aircraft could be brought back and crash landed, preventing it from being a complete loss, the army pilot should risk his/her/its life to do so, should they perish in the effort, at least they tried.

Why is this harsh statement so tough to take into account? Well, we’ve got a pansy-ass people and we do not think about the realities or common sense of this circumstance. The aircraft are extremely costly, second all that additional gear like the ejection seat adds mechanism and weight, more stuff to support, more things that could go wrong, more things to inspect, and even if a person ejects there’s not any guarantee everything will work out fine anyway – odds of dying in an ejection are greater than many want to acknowledge.

Further, if pilots do not have the confidence to fly the airplane when something is wrong with it, maybe they should not be fighter or attack pilots in which people are shooting back real missiles and bullets.

Next, I want to point out that if a pilot ejects from the battlespace, he/she/it may be captured by the enemy, beheaded, drown, shot, interrogated, tortured and put on TV to demoralize the public and army, that is not healthy to the mindset should win a war.

If the pilot crash lands and does not get out, have a self-destruct mechanism, each affordable and easy to construct and weighs very little, two detonations, one near fuel tank, other close precious weapon electronic systems – maybe even delayed until a satellite could trigger it, thus taking out the enemy in the procedure. We will need to consider performance and payload. No ejection seat means more bullets in the guns, additional small diameter missiles, more fuel, better range, and much more badly motivated pilots who only think in trust and winning themselves with sufficient confidence, perseverance and will.

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