Tyranny Rises

Demagogue, Populist, Autocrat, Dictator

Today, there’s a sense of immediacy that prevails in the consciousness of many. The world is moving much quicker today. The pace of life is rushing so fast there’s no time for rationale believing just reacting spontaneously to the numerous emergency we face. Years ago in a time of elegance and style life moved much slower in which the pace of life reacted with a more justification and collective effort to resolve whatever catastrophe there was.

For the last couple of years though too many of our urgencies are fabricated, instigated and manipulated by this current administration solely for the purpose to carry out an agenda purely for capital gain. However, so few have seen what’s actually occurring. Far too many the pace of life has blinded them from the understanding that the times of our lives are darkened by clouds of deception.

We found out shortly after the seeds of more violent aggression had been implanted. These days, the ignorance of man has shown more violent terror all around the world.

What we should see today is that mans ignorance comes from the absence of nurturing and fostering an educated people. When people everywhere stay tied to the yolk of oppression where individual freedoms do not exist the principle of tyranny constantly keeps them ignorant and humanities fear generates the branches in societies. One thinks of this quotation from FDR”the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It’s then that humanity continues to ignite the fires of distrust and anxiety which left unattended the seeds of hate which were implanted by fear turns brother against brother.

Far too many of our people have been through an educational system much inferior to the rest of the industrialized world. From the 1950’s through until the early 1970’s we reach academic peaks. Since then standards in academics have dropped drastically. The decline in educational standards has led to more of our inhabitants become less tolerant and more dumb in a manner that only encourages more dread. Too many people have become overly receptive to dread.

Today, once we think about it, it’s fear instilled into the public’s consciousness by this Administration in attempting to convince the American people that our national security is jeopardized if we do not build this boarder wall. Had many people been more educated we would have understood that all through-out history boarder walls consistently fail. All this hype that the President uses in attempting to convince the public that a boarder wall is a must for our national security is based on instilling fear.

Today, we’ve got an Administration and leaders in government who’ve continued to strip away our freedoms, our liberties and our rights. Until we educate people and are taught what our government has done to the American people in ways that seem unimaginable today we’ll continue to ignorant to what our own government has and is doing to the American people In the course of over 150 years our freedoms have become restricted and our inherent rights have nearly vanished.

It’s through education and a well informed and engaging public that guarantees democracy works for those. And, when our educational system fails in trying to maintain high academic standards we had 60 years ago has generated a lot of the fear, intolerance and ignorance we’re seeing in our society now. Every time a society fails to reach the pinnacle in academic criteria always contributes to the rise of tyranny and oppression.

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