Wait you dont need the sun for solar?

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Did you know, that now the top-ranking state for solar energy generation is Germany, allegedly producing 38,250 megawatts of its energy from renewable resources?

Germany is not famous for being the most popular of nations, yet on April 30th 2017, Germany launched a new national record for renewable energy use, in which more than 1 weekend in May, 85 percent of all of the electricity consumed, has been produced from renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass, and hydro-electric power.

It would appear, there are more solar PV panels installed here than anywhere else on earth. In 2016, Italy, another European nation, was also recorded as the 4th most prosperous for solar energy generation, with France not far behind in 6th spot.

So why? What’s it about solar energy that’s placing us Brits off?

It is no secret that the UK is a country of vacation fans, we love going overseas, our barbecues and garden parties.

But if we’re so eager to jump at taking advantage of a very small bit of sunlight, then is not it high time we began thinking about how we could take our Great British weather from the horns, and exploit some energy out of it – sun or no sun?

Therefore, if the technology is currently available to get the most out of the 7,267 hours every year that we do not see sun, along with the days we do – certainly we ought to be jumping at the opportunity to harness it?

How thermodynamic hot water can change our lives and enhance the environment

Shockingly, in the united kingdom, 98 percent of domestic and industrial greenhouse gas emissions from heating, allegedly come from traditional water and space heating procedures.

We can not change the weather, but there has to be something we can to use the weather we do get…
Thermodynamic solar hot water heating systems or’solar assisted heat pumps’ like the Solamics Bunsen Air, were investigated, designed and fabricated as low cost, highly effective systems, made purposely to match the UK environment – and here’s the best bit… THEY DON’T want the SUN!

These smart hot water systems work at night!

Does the Bunsen Air heat pump supply water that’s made hot by solar assisted heat pumps like this, also enable us to encourage and care for our surroundings – they use the ambient energy from natural phenomena whether that be snow, hail rain, wind or even sub-zero temperatures, to warm water.

As they’re wholly reliable – 365 days per year, they’re also a fantastic way of lowering your carbon footprint 365 days annually, alongside your electricity bills! Leaving users with the more cash to spend on vacations, Pimm’s and BBQ sausages!

How we could make solar energy work even without sunlight, and make the most of another 7,267 hours.

It’s pretty simple really, in case you have an current quality water heater, the Bunsen Air heat pump is retrofitted, with specialist refrigeration pipework that taps into your present hot water circuit. If you do not already have a water heater, then one is installed alongside the Bunsen.

Externally, two thermodynamic solar collector panels are fitted into a surface that’s exposed to the natural elements, and an o-zone friendly, liquid refrigerant that goes around the panels, takes in the ambient energy from all the weather in whatever temperatures, whilst internally, the Bunsen heat pump unit that it installed near a water cylinder.

The panels, water and unit cylinder interact with one another, to successfully and efficiently transfer heat into your hot water circuit.

And fear not… the Bunsen can comfortably provide enough hot water for a big family daily, (not to mention it has smart controls and boost function in the event that you ever wanted a top up).


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