Men want to rescue


Army Rescue Military Scene Of War UniformWhen a man and a woman are together, and they are both connected with their power, there’ll be no requirement for one of them to try to save the other. They will both have boundaries and they won’t be carrying too much baggage.

So, instead of seeing each other as opponents; they will be able to really be there for each other and to offer their service when it’s essential. This will allow them to grow and to develop.

Stronger Together

As a result of this, being together is going to have a beneficial impact on their lives. Now, this doesn’t mean that there will not be moments when their wounds have been triggered; what it means is that they’ll have the ability to work through them.

Through holding space for each other to do this, it is going to limit the amount of tension that they will experience. This is very likely to show that they realise that a relationship is not supposed to be filled with pleasure; that there’ll be times when pain arises.


There’s a strong likelihood that both of them have done a good amount of work on themselves in order to have a relationship like this.

Both of them will have the desire to confront and to work in their own issues, and absolutely no interest in blaming their partner for what comes up for them. In addition to the effect that this connection will have on their life, there will also be the impact that is has on the world around them.

A Bigger Impact

Through being together and supporting each other, they will have more energy to give to the world. The positivity and love that’s generated between them will end up being spread far and wide.

If on the other hand, one of these was attempting to spare the other, it would prevent them from having the ability to have much of an impact on the world. One of them wouldn’t be in a fantastic way and another will be spending most of their time and energy trying to change the others life.

A Frequent Occurrence

But while it’ll be far more fulfilling for someone to be in relationship where they do not need to save their spouse, this is not something that always take place. This then leads to a scenario where a guy is trying to save a women or a woman is attempting to save a man – and this is something that can, of course, take place between two men and two women.

When this does occur, one person will be behaving more like the other persons parent than their spouse. Even so, this can be what is normal to them, meaning that they won’t be able to see how dysfunctional this is.

A man can then be in a relationship with a woman whose life is not going anywhere, and, in addition to this, she may even have mental and emotional challenges.

It will then be as if his life force is being sucked from him, but this won’t be enough to push him away. And, regardless of what he does for her, there’s the possibility that her life will not actually change.

One of Many

He could look back on his life and see that this isn’t the first time he’s been with a women like this. For this reason, he could believe that all women are incapable, and it is up to men to save them.

What might help to encourage this belief is that he may have quite a few male friends that are also with women who come across as if they are incapable. However, if he was to end up with a girl who didn’t need saving, he might soon lose interest in her.

Trapped In a Role

There’s the chance that the man is going to have a played the role of the rescuer for so long that he probably does not know how else to act. He is very likely to think that his value is defined by what he does for others.

Therefore, if another person doesn’t need to be rescued, it can be as though he has no goal.

The False-Self

Ultimately, this is just going to be a mask he wears to receive approval; it will not have anything to do with that he really is.

This can show is that he needed to take care of his caregivers needs during the start of his life. The roles where then reversed and he became the caregiver and his caregiver/s became the child/children.

No Choice

He would have believed that there was something wrong with his requirements, and dismissing his needs would have been a matter of survival, which was why he had to disconnect from them and also to focus on his caregivers wants. This would be taken as a sign that there was something inherently wrong with him, setting him up to believe he was Palm Bay Pest Control.

A false-self would then have been created, with this being a way for him to please his caregivers. Through being around people who could not take care of their own needs, he might have believed that other people were incapable and that it was his job to rescue them.


Rescuing others can be what allows him to feel strong and powerful; whereas if he was to let go off this function he could hit rock bottom.

If a man can relate to this and he needs to change his life, it might be a good idea for him to reach out for outside support. This can be given by a therapist or a healer.